Risley Avenue


Residential Trips

Every year we take pupils from year 5 and year 6 on residential trips to Pennoweth School in Cornwall and Pendarren Centre in Wales. 

It has long been acknowledged by schools that outdoor learning has equal value to indoor learning. In fact, it is considered an essential requirement for a child’s development. Outdoor learning is known to have a very positive impact on a child’s well-being and growth.

Residential weeks provide a real opportunity for children to experience the outdoors, immerse themselves in lots of new activities and build a genuine sense of independence. 

School trips are often remembered fondly for the rest of your life. It is an exciting time outside of the classroom where you are still learning whilst having a lot of fun!

  • Health benefits

A school residential trip gives children a chance to interact with the outdoors and have several adventures

  • Learning new skills

Our children can get involved with a huge variety of activities from abseiling, surfing, and hill walking, canoeing, orienteering and team challenges.

  • Reinforces what is learnt in the classroom

When children go on school trips, they are often seeing what they have learned in the classroom being applied to the real world.

  • Building confidence and self-esteem

This is usually one of the first times that children are away from their parents for any length of time. Children need to overcome this challenge and it is a good way for them to become closer to their peers and teachers.

Wigmore Hall Music

Teachers and support staff from nursery through to year 6 have all benefitted tremendously from the training offered by the Wigmore Hall team. 

Many teachers who were afraid to go near the musical instrument box, now feel equipped and confident to bring music into their classrooms, using the specially developed scheme of work prepared by Wigmore Hall in liaisons with key staff within school e.g. subject leader, piano mentor etc. 

Projects across the school, immersing the pupils in classical music have taken place. Chamber-Tots in the early years has ensured all children and their parents have had access to live music in school. They have handled instruments, made their own instruments and regularly played and performed with their own instruments alongside classical Wigmore musicians. Performances have been both in school and at Wigmore Hall. A Year 5 project focused on playground songs and games from across the world. The songs were brought to school by the children themselves who asked their parents to write them down.  All pupils learnt a repertoire of songs and performed them at Wigmore Hall. Parents and pupils alike were thrilled with the result and these songs were recorded.

Mandarin programme

Risley Avenue host a Mandarin assistant every year who give all pupils an introduction to the language.

They also run afterschool clubs that explore their culture, produce calligraphy, and learn Chinese chess and Chinese dance.

Evening of Excellence

Once a year we host an ‘Evening of Excellence’, which is a chance to showcase the talents of our children.

The evening brings performances from our students who receive piano mentoring, our Chinese dance group and the Risley school choir. The evening is attended by the Jamaican High Commission amongst other high profile visitors.

Piano Mentoring

We have a full time piano mentor within the school who works with traumatised children or those with behavioural difficulties.

These children respond incredibly well to this type of intervention and most of the children have now taken, and passed with distinctions, their London Trinity Piano examinations (ABRSM).

School Choir

Our school choir consist of a group of children across the classes in KS2.

The choir regularly perform at various internal and external events and have recently been nominated for an ‘Outstanding for All’ award in Haringey.

Children and the Arts

Children from Year 5 had the opportunity to work with three other local schools to produce a semi-permanent outdoor sculpture for the school grounds.

Every pupil involved in the project had the chance to influence the project’s direction. At the end of each gallery workshop pupils worked to make small choice sculptures. Each sculpture allowed them to make a choice about how they will work, what they will make and how they will make it.

During our gallery workshops students and pupils from all schools explored sculptural artworks at the Saatchi gallery.