Risley Avenue

Meet the Staff

Risley Avenue Primary School is a three-form entry Primary School.

We currently have 21 classes and two Nursery classes.

Leadership Team

Mrs. L. Sarr                Headteacher

Ms. M. Josephs          Deputy Head Teacher / Curriculum & Assessment

Ms. N. Griffin              Assistant Head Teacher / Early Years

Ms. J. Caldeira           Assistant Head Teacher / Self Review

Ms. Y. Uddin              Assistant Head Teacher / Key Stage 1

Ms. S. Robertson      Assistant Head Teacher / SENCO & Inclusion

Management Team                  

Ms. B. Springer             RE Subject Leader/ Year Group Leader

Ms. A. Florides              Specialist Teacher / NQT Coach & Mentor

Ms. J. Johnson-Roye     Year Group Leader / PSHE Subject Leader / Reading Leader

Ms. Y. Uddin                  Maths Subject Leader / Year Group Leader

Mr. S. Delpeche            Art & DT Leader / Year Group Leader

Ms. S. Robertson          Assistant Head Teacher / Inclusion 

Ms. P. Turner                 Year Group Leader

Mr K. Creighton             Computing

Mr I. Hickman                IPC (History & Geography)

Ms. C. Karageorgi         International & Modern Foreign Languages Team

Ms. S. Bartholomew     Outdoor Learning / Year Group Leader


Ms. N. Griffin        Assistant Head Teacher / Early Years

Ms. J. Turnbull      Class Teacher / EYFS Phase Leader        

Ms. S. Coskun       Nursery Nurse         

Ms. S. Musa          Nursery Nurse       

Ms. C. Johns          Nursery Nurse 

Ms. N. Hussein      Nursery Nurse  

Ms. Z. Tuncer        Nursery Nurse 


Ms. C. Ward                    Class Teacher

Ms. B. Treasure              Class Teacher

Ms. S. Bartholomew      Class Teacher / Year Group Leader       

Ms. M. Baxter                 Nursery Nurse

Mr. A. Hembra                Nursery Nurse 

Year 1

Ms. M. Mader                  Class Teacher 

Ms. Y. Kushure              Class Teacher

Ms. B. Springer              Class Teacher SMSC / RE / Year Group Leader

Ms. M. Tilkidag              Class Teacher

Year 2

Mr. I. Hickman             Class Teacher

Ms. S. Dutta                 Class Teacher

Ms. Y. Uddin                Assistant Head / Class Teacher / Maths Lead / Year Group Leader 

 Year 3  

Ms. K. Thomas          Class Teacher / Science Lead

Ms. G. Codrington     Class Teacher

Mr. K. Creighton       Class Teacher / Computing Lead

Year 4

Ms. J. Johnson-Roye      Class Teacher PSHE /  Year Group Leader

Ms. Wilson                     Class Teacher

Ms. D. Kirwan                Class Teacher

Year 5

 Ms. M. Mckenzie             Class Teacher / English Lead

 Mr. I. Nisbett                   Class Teacher

 Mr. S. Delpeche              Class Teacher/ Art Lead / Phase Leader

Ms. S. McPherson           Teacher

Year 6

Ms. J. Caldeira                                            Class Teacher / Assistant Head Teacher / Self Review    

Ms. P. Turner / Ms. C. Karageorgi           Class Teacher

Ms. N. Mayor                                             Class Teacher NQT

Teaching /Learning Support Assistants (Full & Part Time)

Ms. F. Akmanlar

Ms. M. Baxter

Mr. T. Benjamin

Ms. K. Bhogal

Ms. D. Fall

Ms. N. Hussein

Mr. P. James

Ms. M. Santiago

Ms. S. Singh

Ms. Z. Tuncer

Ms. E. Turkoglu

Ms Gamze Er


Ms. K. Hayden 

Ms. D. Cope

Ms. L. Jaffery

Ms. S. Lawrence

Ms. N. Subratty

Ms. F. Akmanlar

Ms. H. Morley

Mr. J. Closier

Ms. F. McCann

Ms. P. Sobron

Ms. M. Nyantakyiwaa

Ms. T. Choudhury

Ms. J. Killingback

Other Staff Members

Ms. C. Karageorgi           [.6 Support Teacher]

Ms. E. Archibald              Support Teacher

Ms. A. Florides                Specialist Teacher / NQT Coach & Mentor

Ms. Y. Kushure               [.1 Support Teacher]

Non-teaching Staff

Mr. M. Armoogum      Business School Manager

Mr. Y. Kemal               Acting Office Manager

Ms. J. Springer            Acting Assitant Office Manager

Ms. V. Brand               Welfare Officer

Ms. M. Burrello           Administration Assistant (kickstart)

Mr. R. De Melo           Site Manager

Mr. P. Vincent             Site Manager

Mr. S. More                 Executive Chef

Ms. M. Garel               Assistant Kitchen Manager

Ms. V. Osei                  Catering Assistant

Ms. P. Bonner             Catering Assistant

Ms. J. Kapadia             Cleaner

Ms. A. Franklin            Cleaner

Ms. F. Omekongo       Crossing Patrol