Risley Avenue

School Dinner Menus

At Risley Avenue Primary School we recognise the importance of food in our lives. We know that healthy eating is vital for good health and we understand that there is a strong link between a healthy diet and the development of a child’s physical state and effective learning.

We also recognise the importance of food related skill in enriching out social development and in celebrating, nurturing and increasing our appreciation of cultural diversity. We work towards the Healthy Eating strand of the Healthy Schools award and recognise that ‘Being Healthy’ is a basic `right` for our pupils.

To meet the nutritional standards for school foods, lunches for pupils at Risley Avenue Primary School will contain at least one item from each of the following food groups:

Starchy foods such as bread, potatoes, rice and pasta. Starchy food cooked in oil or fat should not be served more than three times a week.

Fruit and vegetables must be available every day. Fruit based desserts must be available twice a week.

Milk and dairy foods include milk cheese yoghurt and custard. A food from his group should be available on a daily basis.

Meat, fish and alternative sources of protein.  Fish must be served at least once a week. Cheese may be included in the meat/fish protein group.

Drinks - There should be easy access to free, fresh drinking water.